What to expect from the Biden Administration and how it will impact Corporate Investment Strategy in the US for the next 3 years

“KNAV & The Vogel Group in association with U.S.-India Business Council & Motherson Group”

With a new President, comes a new set of rules that we need to understand, to make better decisions. In this webinar, we will answer your questions about –

  • Trade and Investment Regulations Under The Biden Administration.
  • How does the current U.S. corporate tax system compare to its competitors and how could increasing overall corporate tax burdens impact America’s competitiveness abroad?
  • What are the challenges to implementing a global minimum tax?
  • Overview of the emerging M&A landscape.


  • Alexander Slater, Deputy Managing Director, U.S.-India Business Council
  • Sukant Gupta, Head of Chairman’s Office Americas, Motherson Group
  • Samir N. Kapadia, Principal and COO, The Vogel Group
  • Shishir Lagu, Partner, US Tax & Advisory Services, KNAV