KNAV P.A. can help your tax team perform efficiently by assisting in the following critical areas:


  • Tax accounting: We can either develop quarterly and annual tax provision calculations or review the calculations that your tax team provides us. This includes analyzing and documenting tax accounting technical positions, and issuing specific tax accounting consultancy which includes valuation allowance evaluation, business combinations (purchase price accounting), intraperiod allocations, outside and inside basis evaluations, stock-based compensations, etc.


  • Uncertain tax positions: We consult and undertake calculations for your company on uncertain tax positions (ASC 740-10) issues. This includes the evaluation of uncertain tax positions on both federal/state income tax and transfer pricing matters. This analysis has become important in light of the emergence of reporting considerations of uncertain tax positions under both, US GAAP and federal tax returns;


  • Tax balance sheet: We support your company in preparing the tax basis balance sheet


  • IFRS, US GAAP, and IndAS: We aid your tax team whilst they adopt new accounting standards or when they need help for the conversion of financial statements from IFRS/IndAS to US GAAP and vice versa.


  • SPAC / IPO Tax Accounting:  We assist the companies with current & deferred tax calculations and presentations/ disclosures as per PCAOB standards when they are in the process of SPAC or IPO.
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