With over 20+ years of successful GAAP conversions, KNAV P.A. has developed and honed a leading practice methodology, which can serve as a foundation for your company’s approach to your own GAAP conversion process.


We have an established US GAAP and IFRS team; always updated with the latest guidance from the SEC and other regulatory agencies. We keep our clients fully informed on an ‘as needed’ basis – communicating information when received.


We have the right tools and we have been forerunners when it comes to conversions of the financial statements from local GAAP to US GAAP and IFRS. Our conversion methodology and assistance are time-tested and successful.


Our technical accounting advisory team has managed SPAC transactions, IPO readiness engagements and 8-K filing requirements.


How can we help you?


  • We assess the impact and determine the requisite strategy. This step involves mapping of the significant accounting policies of the new GAAP, comparing it to existing GAAP and identifying deviations from existing GAAP;
  • We establish clear objectives with your organization at the planning stage;
  • We train your company’s executives;
  • We take an all-inclusive approach that evaluates the impact on the business, including accounting policies, financial reporting, human resources, tax and other business policies, processes, systems and procedures, investor and overall stakeholder management and effective communication;
  • We lay focus on embedding new standards, so your organization is fully prepared in the new environment; &
  • We monitor your progress on an on-going basis.
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