I joined KNAV as an article trainee in August 2012 It was very exciting because of the overall culture of the firm as everyone was very welcoming in the firm. Working on US-related matters was always very exciting and the more I started working on it the more interest I developed. The exposure that I received in the initial 6 months has a lot contributed to my development as a leader in this firm. I have literally grown along with the firm When I joined, the US tax team was a very small team consisting of just 7-8 members including our partners Shishir and Nishta and now we are about a 40-member team. With respect to opportunities to learn and grow, being an article and working with Indian Multinational clients provided a great platform for me to grow. Excellent support and mentoring from all the partners, especially Nishta and Shishir. All the partners were always approachable and very comfortable to talk to. My plans for my future in the firm will be to contribute as much as possible to the growth of the firm which will in turn lead to my professional growth.

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