The workplace in the Industry 4.0 era is changing fast. The introduction of new technologies like Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence has a consequential impact on the services that KNAV offers its end customers and how we choose to leverage new technologies in our quest for enhancing the quality and cost of our services.

At KNAV, we use the latest AI, machine learning, and analytics tools to help you accelerate your performance and provide more value to your organization without having to learn all the latest technology.



Digital threats inside and outside of your corporate network are becoming more advanced with each passing day. At KNAV, we work with partners to ensure that your organization stays on top of  network security issues and avoids data breaches and information theft. Through our partners we offer an end-to-end solution offering monitoring, policy enforcement, auditing, and reporting tools.

The machine learning AI in the data security tool rapidly identifies workstation patterns on the endpoint that fall outside of corporate policy, allowing for managed enforcement before data breaches occur, and generates auditable reports that showcase policy compliance across the enterprise.


We have been adopting the latest technology for several years. 2017 was the beginning of our collaboration with MindBridge AI – the leading artificial intelligence solution for the anomaly detection in the auditing process and forensic analysis.

Our use of AI and automation tools helps reduce time-consuming and tedious tasks, but more importantly, it gives our auditors more insight to cross-reference and analyze data from more than one dimension.

The goal is to provide a big picture understanding of your business while still being able to drill down to the specifics, giving you the clarity and ability to substantiate decisions more comprehensively.

AUDITS Artificial Intelligence is more than a tool: it is a matter of professional integrity
The advent of the data-driven audit means that rather than sampling and testing, our audit teams are now able to analyze the entirety of general ledger data and provide a result that exceeds regulatory and industry standards. 


At KNAV, we focus on a single guiding standard: keeping our client data secure and yet easy to access. Anywhere. At any time. Technology unshackles our professional team and enables us to push the limits of productivity and innovation.

Dealing with sensitive client data, we need to make sure that confidential information does not get compromised. We use an industry leading cloud-based file sharing system which has high level of data encryption and makes sharing large sized files extremely easy. Our client data portal makes it easy and safe to share information.

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