Organisation Development & Business Planning

Whether it’s a start-up or an established business, growth is the master ingredient for its success.  In this dynamic situation where no assumptions hold constant, the key to grow your business is to collaborate, plan and adapt.

  • Collaboration is required with all stakeholders – whether internal or external. This comes with alignment of goals and strategies.
  • Plan to strategically influence your present and future. Planning in collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page and collective efforts come out stronger than before.
  • Adapt and execute for change. Planning exercises are effective when the execution is timely and equally effective.

At KNAV, our goal is to enable you. We work alongside your team to solve your business challenges. We step into the entrepreneur’s shoes and think about the business in a manner that allows for consistent growth, sustainable revenues, and novel value.

KNAV’s Organization Development & Business Planning program is an intensive two-day workshop for the express purpose of aligning the team and developing strategies to grow your business. As an active advisor, the KNAV team delves into each aspect of your business in order to identify the key drivers for growth. The workshop acts as a vital tool for appraising a company’s performance and practices.

Our proprietary application, called “Grow Your Business, plays an important role in streamlining management inputs on various business functions. It assists in generating tailored response and action reports that highlight problem areas for the business to improve upon.

Having identified key growth drivers and problem points, businesses leave the workshop more aligned and aware of the areas requiring action.

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