Management Consulting

The world is rapidly changing, and organizations need to adapt in order to survive. Latest technology can quickly become obsolete, just like best practices can become redundant. In order to keep up, businesses need to find ways to reinvent themselves at every step of the way. The only way to survive is to keep moving.

KNAV provides businesses the much-needed guidance to thrive in today’s dynamic environment. Our highly experienced team conducts in-depth analysis on each aspect of the business in order to craft strategies for growth.

Whether your business is looking to expand into a new vertical or geographies, or trying to improve your performance compared to competitors, or attempting to locate the source of your stagnation – we are here to help you discover the solution.

Project Feasibility and Market Viability Study

We help you analyse current market opportunity, benchmark the competition, and anticipate future market potential trends that give your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive.

Developing a Business Strategy and Plan

Our unique model of creating a business strategy allows you to quantify your options and choose the one that provides maximum growth. We also assist in developing a complete business plan which, upon deliberation with the management, shall highlight the envisaged 3-Year or 5-Year growth plans of the company.

Developing System and Processes, Policies and Procedures

The biggest business is only as strong as its weakest link. We help you devise and implement strategies and procedures that ensure not only your business’s growth, but also resilience.

Serve as a Sounding Board for Key Business Decisions

Big decisions require a second opinion. Our team of experts help you validate your strategy in order to ensure maximum efficacy.

People Strategy (HR Planning)

People make or break a business. Whom do you hire? What are the criteria you must consider? We help you identify and retain talent that will propel your company’s growth.

Marketing Strategy Review

Having the technology and the resources is not enough; every successful business is complemented with a robust marketing strategy. We help you develop and implement a plan that can create long-lasting impact on your business.

Financial System Review & Financial Modelling

How has your company grown over the years? What resources do you have in order to grow further? We help you make sense of the numbers, giving you a clear picture of your business’ path ahead. We also develop financial models which can help you to project your future performance, upon reasonable estimation, in line with the planned growth initiatives. The financial model also acts as an important investor facing document during fund raising transactions.

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