Family Business Counsel

Some of the largest organisations today started as a family business. Their unique style of administration and management entails its own set of complexities and dead locks. As a family business counsel, we understand that such businesses often face challenges in the areas of governance, succession planning, adoption of technology, institutionalisation, structuring and others. Our experience and expertise at understanding the dynamics of a family business has led us to offer an integrated suite of family business solutions.



Family governance & timely succession planning ensures that your business does not fall prey to improper planning, mindless execution or intra and inter-generational discords. We shall guide your business through the planning and execution of the following critical steps:

  • Constitution of a Family Business Council: Is it essential to form a Council? Who shall form the council? What should be roles & responsibilities of the council? How do we define “family”?
  • Adoption of a Family Business Charter: What is our family vision? What are the best practices to resolve family disputes?
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and accountability based on expertise, interest and expectations: As new members are inducted and the next generation takes up leadership roles, how do you segregate functions and responsibilities?
  • Identifying potential disruptions and mitigating them: Are we technologically advanced? What can possibly go wrong if we do not disrupt?
  • Developing in-house and external training programmes: How do we plan for the next generation of leaders? How do we train the young generation in business?

We can be your trusted partner in the orchestration of business decisions and policies, so that you make informed choices after foresight of the possible implications in different scenarios.

  • Professional guidance on family governance
  • Optimizing your operations and streamlining support functions
  • Compliance and regulatory assistance
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Serving as a sounding board for key decisions



Legacy drives family businesses. But behind this legacy have been years of investment in time, sweat equity as well as bootstrapped capital. Managing capital becomes essential to ensure that the available financial resources are allocated to best possible functions and can contribute most to the management and maximisation of the family wealth. We are equipped to solve your financial needs in the following ways:

  • Critically evaluating the overall financial situation
  • Understanding your financial needs, resource allocation and the possible investment opportunities
  • Advising on the fund flow management
  • Examining the scope and workability of mergers, acquisitions, and divestments
  • Evaluating the most beneficial equity-debt mix
  • Assisting your business to raise funds from external investors
  • Preparing investor facing documents
  • Providing transaction support as a sell-side, buy-side or IPO-advisor



As a family business grows it needs to structure all its remote units & assets in a way that ensures tax efficacy and best value to the overall Group. Our team of specialists have the proficiency and experience of dealing with many complicated cases and providing a solution that best suits the family business.

Our services include:

  • Guidance on Group Structuring
  • Tax Planning to achieve tax efficiency
  • International Tax advisory (in case of foreign holdings or transactions)
  • Related direct and indirect tax compliances



In this ever-evolving regulatory environment, compliance should be integrated in the business processes to ensure conformity with the latest legal and regulatory requirements. At KNAV, we can help you develop such processes and ensure financial compliance through our specialized accounting, assurance, tax and valuations teams.

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