Industries We Served

From healthcare to automobiles, manufacturing to retail – industries across the spectrum are undergoing a radical transformation as they adapt to the digital landscape. The impact of Covid-19, has revolutionized businesses and consumer behaviour.

At KNAV we help our clients navigate the ever-changing global landscape and adapt their businesses to grow in these tumultuous times.

Integrating knowledge and experience from our office across the globe, we help our clients transform their businesses by providing premier Assurance, Advisory, Tax, and Transaction Advisory services.

In an era defined by adaptability and speed, KNAV helps its clients stay ahead of the curve.

With the world’s population increasing exponentially, advanced agricultural practices to increase food supply are the need of the hour. Shifts in the supply chain and adaption to newer technology require indepth strategy and planning.

Our team of experts provides unique insights and solutions for agriculture and allied practices.

In this ever-changing world, the world of finance has seen seismic changes. This metamorphosis can only be approached by nuanced and timely action.

Our BFSI practice has enabled our clients to determine key action areas that can boost their bottom line and steered them to successful transitions.

The technological and manufacturing prowess of a nation is determined by its engineering and capital goods. In a cutting-edge industry such as this, the need to innovate is perennial.

Our team of experts helps businesses grow by making sense of the market and build strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

The nature of consumer durables has changed drastically over the past few years. With a rapidly expanding market, varied and quality goods have become synonymous with daily life.

Our clients have greatly benefitted from our tailored insights and solutions to stay ahead in a highly fragmented and competitive market.

In an age of digital currency and great market fluctuations, precious metals and stones are few of the financial safe havens left for investors.

Our team of experts help clients in this sector leverage their business to dominate the market and grow in a rapid and sustainable manner

The global healthcare landscape has changed rapidly. With global public healthcare systems falling short of their expectations, it is up to private organizations to recognize and fill the gaps.

Our team helps businesses leverage their expertise and resources to become market leaders in the healthcare sector.

The global shift towards online portals and digital content has created massive opportunities for media and entertainment companies looking to reach a broader audience.

Our expertise lies in helping businessess unlock value and create a lasting mark in the industry.

Continuous policy challenges need to be met with competent and effective responses from the public sector companies.

Implementing change on a large scale requires planning and coordination, a task our team of experts has succeeded in with our clients in this sector.

When selling to a global audience, one needs to develop unique strategies in order to cut through the fragmented market and numerous competition. Selling online requires a whole new set of ideas and means of implementation in order to make a mark.

Our team has helped our clients in this industry with unique strategies and business solutions to unlock value, adapt and evolve.

The service industry is thriving because global standards of living and operating are going up. For companies, this means keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in order to remain relevant.

Our team provides businesses with the intelligence they require to capture and retain new markets.

In today’s highly globalized world, travel and transportation is an indispensable industry. Managing transportation operations requires meticulous planning and beating competitors on wafer-thin margins.

We provide businesses with insights and solutions that help them create robust operations resilient to the ever-changing global landscape.

The automobiles industry is, in many ways, the backbone of the modern economy. It represents the advances of the modern world. It is also a highly competitive turf, one that needs qualified experts to lock value for leading players of the industry.

We have successfully helped our clients in this sector build their business plans, automate processes and streamline systems.

Education is the most important asset any individual can possess in the 21st century. Honing your business to cater to the growing market can help unlock unlimited value and growth.

Our team has successfully enabled multiple reputed organizations to expand their businesses and reach out to thousands of students

Very literally the backbone of modern industry, energy and natural resource businesses cater to a global demand. The various complexities associated with the business and the ever-changing regulations, requires continuous compliance, regulatory and strategic advisory

Our team with its years of experience provides solutions for tough business challenges, ensuring endless growth.

A highly competitive market such as the food and beverages industry require calculated and precise efforts in order to stand out.

From regulations to business strategy, our team can unlock the resources you need for your business to thrive.

As disposable income and international exposure has been consistently growing, the hospitality and leisure industry has been steadily growing. Catering to today’s neo-modern customers requires careful planning and meticulous execution.

Partnering with our clients in the hopitality and leisure business to accelerate their growth, our team has been providing tailored insights, business advisory and regulatory and compliance support

This is an industry that supports several others and for this reason is exceptionally complex and in need of constant innovation.

Working with top team experts across sectors, we devise insights that keep business at the fore of the manufacturing revolution.

Working in the non-profit sphere has become a highly impactful way of changing the world. Careful planning and implementation are required in order to grow your network while keeping the business afloat.

Our team of experts helps businesses thrive and meet all the regulatory and legal compliances.

The professional services industry is one that is constantly disrupted by changes in the industries it serves. In order to consult for other sectors, it must predict and prepare for these changes before they occur.

Our team has prepared for disruption since its inception, and can provide other service firms with the knowledge and expertise they need in order to lead more efficiently.

The professional services industry is one that is constantly disrupted by changes in the industries it serves. In order to consult for other sectors, it must predict and prepare for these changes before they occur.

Our team has prepared for disruption since its inception, and can provide other service firms with the knowledge and expertise they need in order to lead more efficiently.

The real estate and construction business are hallmarks of progress and development. But the fluctuation and uncertainty that form the very fabric of the business need to be assessed and calculated in a deliberate manner. Our team can provide your business with the solutions it needs in order to stay ahead of the curve and build structures that last generations.

This aggressive and dynamic industry that keeps the world connected needs to constantly adapt to changes of requirement.

Our team helps our clients unlock their true value by providing top notch solutions and insights in staying relevant and essential, always.