The Indian direct tax regime is dynamic and its evolution demonstrates that it keeps responding to dynamic business aspects in terms of its coverage and introducing new provisions to support and encourage doing business in India. Our globally coordinated tax professionals, with their vast experience, in-depth knowledge and analytical skills can help you in all areas pertaining to the direct taxes of India. At KNAV, we strive to provide end-to-end services for our clients by thoroughly understanding the client’s unique financial situation and business model and providing personalised services suitable to the clients’ requirements.

Our services include: –


  • Advisory on domestic as well as international tax matters including cross-border transactions
  • Aligning tax strategy with business functions, including advising on various deductions, exemptions, etc.
  • Structuring for inbound and outbound investment, including analysis of the most suitable jurisdiction as well as the most efficient choice of entity, keeping in mind your financial situation, unique business model, repatriation goals etc.
  • Advice on withholding tax obligations including payments to non-residents
  • Profit repatriation analysis
  • Advisory assistance at tax provision stage
  • Expatriate related advisory involving:
    • Compensation structuring;
    • Impact on legal and economic employer of the expatriate;
    • Specific reference to exemption / tax credit mechanism to ensure no double taxation
    • Expatriate retiral benefits
  • Advisory on employee stock option plans (‘ESOP’) (domestic as well as cross border schemes), covering even ESOPs from overseas foreign parents to employees of Indian subsidiary, or vice versa.


  • Registration with tax authorities
  • Preparation/ Review and filing of tax returns, including e-filing
  • Issuance of Audit/Accountant Certificates under various provisions – Remitting funds to non-residents, tax audit, transfer pricing, tax exemption, etc.
  • Processing withholding tax payments and preparation, review and e-filing of withholding tax returns
  • Payroll tax processing
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