Corporate Finance

Complex transactions command intense deliberation and expertise to make informed decisions, at the same time not compromising on the organisation’s long-term vision. From initiation to closure, KNAV acts as your go-to advisor for corporate finance strategies and transaction support. We provide comprehensive support for complex transactions like mergers & acquisitions, fund raising, joint ventures, debt restructuring, cross-border fund flow and others.

Our Investment Banking Team works towards carving successful deals through a rigorous process of deal evaluation, investor outreach and negotiations to achieve mutual alignment of goals.



We act as buy-side and sell-side advisors to businesses in the process of deal making. Our M&A team excels in domestic and international transactions including acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, and leveraged buyouts.

We assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Evaluation & Outreach: We evaluate companies and market options to ensure an optimal business fit which can realize post-acquisition synergies. Through our network and professional reach, we ensure communication with the right people and the right companies.
  • Information Memorandum & Financial Modelling: In close resonance with the client’s objectives and future plans, we assist in preparing information memorandum, financial models and other related documents.
  • Transaction Support & Negotiations: We provide our expert advice at each phase of the process and ensure the realisation of maximum value to our clients.



We support a broad range of start-ups and corporations across various industries in their capital raising endeavours. We also help businesses in debt restructuring and raising funds through banks, venture debts, private equity, family offices, impact funds and HNIs.

  •  Investor Screening & Outreach: We understand our clients’ needs and help them evaluate and contact investors which can positively contribute to their growth trajectory.
  • Information Memorandum & Term Sheets: We prepare investor facing documents which can aid in the process of investor outreach and truly bring out the business’ value proposition. Once mutual interest is established between investors and client, we also initiate preparation of a non-binding term sheet.
  • Transaction Support & Negotiations: We provide our expert advice at each phase of the fund-raising process and ensure the realisation of maximum value to our clients.



KNAV acts as a trusted partner to facilitate a smooth transaction by providing compliance, diligence and structuring services.

  • Due Diligence Support: We undertake financial and tax due diligence with an expert eye to enable informed decisions and help clients improve their outcomes.
  • Deal Structuring: Our team of professionals enables advantageous deal structuring to achieve tax efficiency and compliance with local regulations.
  • Corporate Valuations: We undertake corporate valuation and financial modelling to bring out the fair value for the client to base decisions.
  • Expert & Fairness Opinions: Led by our experienced practice leaders, we provide independent insight and opinion on critical matters to enable objective evaluation for decision making.
  • Post Transaction Hand-holding: We consistently aid in the process till the final closure and ensure a post transaction hand-holding for smooth implementation.
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