success stories



  • Client need
    • A mid-sized software development company transitioned to KNAV from a local CPA firm. The newly appointed CFO was disappointed with its previous firm’s inability to address the technical issues pertaining to the R&D credit. We performed a comprehensive analysis in a short amount of time and not only quantified the R&D credit but also identified an opportunity for the company to claim a substantial deduction on their tax return for DPAD. 


  • Our solution
    • Our commitment to providing our client an exceptional client service means we go above and beyond. Our experience in working with technology companies in all stages of their business enables us to easily identify their situation and immediately add value;
    • Section 199, DPAD benefits companies and individuals that manufacture within the US, contributing to job growth and competitiveness. Like our client, many software developers fit this description & yet are unaware about this potentially valuable deduction; &
    • Through careful investigative process with the software development team, we were able to determine that our client did in fact produce ‘qualifying software’


  • Value provided
    • The client claimed a substantially large deduction for DPAD in addition to the R&D credit for its software development activities. Our deep understanding of the intricacies involved in the DPAD for software companies provided valuable benefit to our client. Our client also appreciated significant partner involvement throughout the entire project - something its previous firm did not offer.