financial reporting

Valuation for financial reporting as per US GAAP/IFRS/Ind AS

KNAV boasts of a rich experience in providing financial reporting valuation services for compliance with US GAAP and IFRS requirements. And with more and more companies in India coming under Ind AS compliance net it looks forward to establishing a strong foothold in India as valuation services are required Read more

valuation for regulatory purposes

Transaction support and compliance valuation

KNAV specializes in transaction consulting and compliance related valuation services. The transaction support team has conducted over 100 valuations for transaction support and compliance purposes, demonstrating KNAV’s capability to offer a complete bouquet of transaction support services. Read more

valuation for deals

Real estate valuations

The Real Estate Valuation arm of Indé Global specializes in comprehensive valuation and consulting services for lenders, investors, and real estate owners. We provide commercial real estate appraisal, evaluation, and feasibility study reports. Read more