International Tax Advisory

International tax advisory


The concept of a ‘global village’ is a reality today. This requires tax experts to be well equipped in terms of knowledge and experience in order to understand and apply the dynamics of the international tax landscape.

KNAV’s tax center of excellence is equipped to provide you with practical solutions that align your global business strategy to multi-layered tax compliances in various locations of your operations across the globe. The tax center of excellence stays on top of the developments and changes in jurisdictions across the globe to ensure full compliance while meeting your business requirements.



Cross-border transactions are constituted by outbound and inbound transactions. Outbound transactions are those transactions where a tax payer of a country conducts business or invests in foreign countries; while inboundtransactions are those that entail foreign tax payers doing business or investing in India.

Our key service offerings are backed by continuous research and insights on the following:

  • Various policy/treaties updation;
  • Change in tax and regulatory laws;
  • Case studies from judgements and practical experience;
  • Thought leadership; &
  • Debates and discussions at various forums.

Our services include the following:

  • Advisory role in the structuring of cross-border transactions;
  • Assistance in determining of arm’s length price (‘ALP’) and conducting transfer pricing studies;
  • Advisory for optimum usage of all relevant and up-to-date tax treaties;
  • Advisory for tax incentives across jurisdictions;
  • Consultancy with well informed and researched insight on the prevailing tax and regulatory aspects and their cross-border implications;
  • Assistance in selecting of jurisdictions to align with the company’s sustained growth objectives;
  • Navigating through local General Anti-Avoidance Regulations ('GAAR'), Controlled Foreign Corporation ('CFC')Regulations, and Base Erosion and Profit Shifting ('BEPS') regulations;
  • Advisory on critical aspects of foreign tax credit evaluation, allocation of expenses principles, risks relating to permanent establishments; &
  • Withholding tax ('WHT') advisory for outbound payments and their requisite certification aspects.