Strategic Advisory for Business

Strategic advisory


At KNAV Business Advisory Services, we believe in stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur, the business owner, and thinking about the business in a manner that is concomitant with consistent growth, sustainable revenues and continuous value unlocking, taking the business to a point where growth is just a way of life.


The KNAV Market Intelligence Unit invests a lot of time and resources to enrich the entrepreneur, which includes the latest in their specific market, including invisible undercurrents, expected head winds and global market place assessments.


Our strategic advisory service offerings are broadly categorized into the following:


Growth consulting:

  • Developing a business strategy (using balanced scorecard) studies.
  • Serve as a sounding Board for key business decisions.
  • Thoroughly reviewing people, marketing and financial processes.
  • Our two-day ‘Organisation Development Workshops’ are aimed at revisiting the fundamentals of a business with the top leadership team to chalk out action items for achieving sustainable growth.

Business plan and financial model:

This involves preparation of a comprehensive business plan, based upon engaging in strategic discussions with the management. The financial model is a numeric depiction of what your business is set to achieve in the next five years, an undisputed pre-requisite for investor-outreach.

Conducting market feasibility study, based upon analysis of:

  • Current market analysis and opportunities
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Anticipated market potential and trends