Lead Advisory for Business

Lead advisory


The Business Advisory Services team at KNAV, with its extensive experience blended with the entrepreneurial outlook of the youth, understands the key elements that go into creating & sustaining a successful business through a rigorous process of deal evaluation, investor outreach and negotiations to achieve mutual alignment of goals.


Because we understand that businesses are not just edifices built on a whim or in a day!


Our lead advisory service offerings are broadly categorised into the following:


Fund Raising:

Investor Scouting, preparation of transaction documents, support & assistance in negotiation & a successful deal closure.

Buyside & sell side advisory:

  • Target screening and market outreach for buyside and sell side transactions;
  • Enabling entities get the best deal (buy side as well as sell side), deal structuring to achieve tax efficiency and compliance with local regulations.

Information memorandum/ financial model:

Preparing a detailed plan of the company on both financial and strategic aspects, by engaging in strategic discussions with the management, conducting project feasibility and market viability study and articulating the same.