Family Office Services


Family Governance, Education and Succession Planning

KNAV assists to ensure that the continuity of a family business doesn’t fall prey to improper planning, mindless execution or intra and inter-generational discords.

  1. Constitution of a Family Business Council
  2. Adoption of a Family Business Charter
  3. Defining roles, responsibilities and accountability based on expertise, interest and expectations
  4. Identifying potential disruptions and mitigating them
  5. Developing in-house and external training programmes


Tax Advice and Compliances

KNAV renders assistance for developing optimum tax structures designed to account for the nitty-gritties of business requirements. Our experienced tax professionals provide services like:

  1. Tax planning
  2. Entity structuring guidance and support
  3. Achieving tax efficiency
  4. Direct and indirect tax compliances


Corporate Financial Planning and Advisory Services

Finance is the life-line of any business, assessment of your current business is the basis of all future investment decisions. Our experts are cognizant of the challenges you may face, and thus are equipped to provide the following services:

  1. Evaluation of the overall financial situation
  2. Due diligence of investment opportunities
  3. Mergers, acquisitions, divestments
  4. Capital allocation and determining debt/equity mix
  5. Fund flow management
  6. Fund raising
  7. Preparation of investor facing documents
  8. Transaction support (buy side, sell side, IPO)

Business & Risk Advisory

KNAV provides advisory services in the following areas:

  1. Establishing a corporate governance mechanism
  2. Group performance monitoring and compliance
  3. Offering recommendations on independent and board advisory formation
  4. Professional guidance on family governance
  5. Optimizing their operations and streamlining support functions
  6. Compliance and regulatory assistance
  7. Economic impact assessment
  8. Serving as a sounding board to key decision makers.

Accounting Advisory

To enable businesses to focus on core competencies, KNAV provides support services like:

  1. Virtual CFO Services
  2. Accounts outsourcing
  3. Payroll services
  4. Consolidating and reporting all family assets
  5. Benchmark analysis
  6. Periodic performance reporting
  7. Administrative services or back-office services

Audit and Assurance

KNAV’s Audit approach employs a risk – based methodology focusing specifically on key risk areas of our client’s business.

  1. Statutory Audit
  2. Risk & Internal Audit
  3. Compliance Audit