An audit is the highest level of assurance that your financial statements are correct - presenting your financial position, results of operations and cash flows in accordance with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or another basis of accounting. Read more


Financial statement audit

Do your financial statement audits play a critical role in creating and maintaining investor confidence while unlocking valuable insights into the business? Read more

special purpose and compliance audits

Special purpose and compliance audit

Are you looking for a creditable CPA firm to undertake special purpose audits that focus on providing assurance over particular areas of your business on one part and are designed to provide confidence in compliance and regulations to management and stakeholders? Read more

reviews and compilations

Reviews and compilations

Have your independent accountants informed you of the critical differences between reviews and compilations? Read more

agreed upon procedures

Agreed upon procedures

Are you seeking to have only certain aspects of operations to be assessed? Read more

employee benefit plan audits

Employee benefit plan audits

Are the audits of your benefit plans being undertaken in accordance with ERISA guidelines and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of labor? Read more

accounting services for small businesses

Accounting services for small businesses

Do you view bookkeeping and financial accounting as a simple need or key tools to ascertain where your business is heading, and the most effective goals? Read more

us gaap and ifrs attest

International financial reporting standards with emphasis on US GAAP and IFRS

Are you seeking independent accountants who work proactively with your team to ensure efficient and timely reporting? Read more


Attest(audit under various country GAAS and certification services)

Is your audit firm able to provide seamless audit services across the globe, including a dedicated Ind AS audit team in countries like the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Singapore? Read more

accounting advisory

Accounting advisory (US GAAP, IFRS, Indian GAAP, IND AS, various country GAAP & accounting opinions)

Are you looking for a firm that has a dedicated team that understands your Ind AS, US GAAP and IFRS reporting requirements? Read more