Below you will find an on-demand version of our latest cybersecurity information and awareness session. Our panel discusses the current landscape of cyber threats along with the most effective audit, technology and insurance options available to combat these dangers.

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At KNAV, we have partnered with some of the top Al firms and insurance providers in the world, to help provide the latest information and the best unified solutions available, to protect your business



Our trusted Al partner's team will connect with your IT team to help them roll the cybersecurity suite into your organization for a one-month free evaluation.

This evaluation includes antivirus, antimalware, and advanced threat detection for every system in your organization and provides response and recovery services from our team of security professionals who will be monitoring your organization for any threats that may occur. This free evaluation includes one license for our education and awareness training solution so you can try it first hand and understand the benefits it brings in bolstering your first line of defense which is the people working inside of your organization.


KNAV team will work with you to determine which SOC security report is best suited for your organization. At KNAV, we can perform and provide a SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 or a SOC for Cybersecurity Type I or Type II report that meets the specific needs of your organization. The SOC for Cybersecurity is a reporting framework through which organizations can communicate relevant useful information about the effectiveness of their cybersecurity risk management program to meet the cybersecurity information needs of a broad range of your stakeholders

Benefits of a SOC Report Is your organization demonstrating its commitment to maintain effective internal controls and safeguards to protect not only yourself but your customers? Outsourced services users and their auditors increasingly are requesting more information than ever before about the effectiveness of controls at the service organizations they use, or are considering using, for outsourced business functions. A CPA firm can provide assurance reports (SOC Report) that provide your users the valuable information they need to assess and address the risks associated with the outsourced services you provide, helping build trust and transparency.


With the cybersecurity technology and/or SOC assessment now in place, you are in the ideal position to get the best cyber insurance policy to protect your organization.

Our insurance partners use Cyber Risk Assessment tools to help identify and quantify your Cyber risk. The assessment provides critical coverage analyses of your current insurance policy if you already have one, and calculates the probable maximum loss to help quantify your risk from various cyber exposures and liabilities.

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