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    Data Analytics

    KNAV is excited to offer a new service line to our clients who are seeking to utilize Big Data to solve their most critical business questions while at the same time significantly increasing their operating effectiveness and competitive advantage. KNAV’s Data Analytics help organizations transform data into decisions. Our team will closely work with your team to overcome the challenges you face and make you a data-driven organization using the best intelligence and data analytics tool to make sound short and long-term business decisions that prosper your growth.


    Our approach is three-dimensional

    a) strong foundation of technology enablement,

    b) strategic advice and

    c) risk management.


    The technology enables all your necessary processes to happen, strategic advice helps you find value in data and effective risk management builds trust in your data.



      • Data assessment, scoping & integration
      • Data transformation
      • Predictive analysis
      • Tailored data management solutions/reports
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