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Leading provider of enterprise solutions and software consultancy services in India, UAE, USA, UK, Singapore and GCC countries

Prepared transfer pricing documentation and discussing the margins that should be kept going forward on three year basis: Read more


Global provider of engineering software development services and provider of end to end services covering every stage of the software development life cycle.

Client discussed the issues and after due considerations, the case was taken up to appellate level: Read more


Provider of business communication applications based on IP technologies.

Provided inter-company contracts and held discussions for implementing the transfer pricing margins: Read more


Provider of satellite television broadcasting in Europe and India

Understanding the business model and determination of the distributor characterization between full fledged distributor vis-à-vis limited distributor or commission agent: Read more


Leading provider of software solutions and services in India and Canada

Allocating appropriate margins for multiple functions undertaken i.e. client relationship management, marketing services and onsite technical services: Read more