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  • Task at hand
    • To defend the price at which transactions were entered into between our client and its associated enterprises and justify the same to be at arms length; &
    • To prove that the companies chosen for benchmarking were appropriate comparables.
  • Challenges faced
    • Justifying 9 transactions (categorized into 3 categories relating to IT enabled services, distribution and reimbursements) undertaken by our client with its associated enterprises.
  • Outcome/value provided
    • 3 out of 2 categories of transactions (i.e. 2/3rd) were accepted to be at arms length and no additions were made with respect to the same by the concerned revenue authority;
    • The matter was carried upto appellate level wherein the same was remanded back to the concerned revenue authority; &
    • In the second round before the concerned revenue authority, the remaining category of transactions were subsequently to be accepted at arms length and no additions were made with respect to the same.
  • Client feedback on the project
    • Client discussed the issues and after due considerations, the case was taken up to appellate level.