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about us

BPO Services provider based in Surat

  • Task at hand
    • Conducting an organizational development study and mapping out the growth strategy.
  • Challenges faced
    • Absence of marketing & sales function leading to stagnating revenues;
    • All functions controlled and managed by the promoter, very little delegation; &
    • An overall organizational revamp required, from assisting the management to re-align the vision, mission, values, to preparing a roadmap for growth.
  • Outcome/value provided
    • Prepared strategic framework and performance measurement system; &
    • Re-designing all key systems and processes, policies and procedures in line with the goals and objectives of the organisation and its implementation.
  • Client feedback on the project
    • Promoters have appointed KNAV to be partners in their in-organic and organic growth plan. KNAV appointed for providing lead advisory and due diligence support for acquisitions and has successfully closed one investment round.