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tax advisory
financial reporting

Valuation for financial reporting as per US GAAP/IFRS/Ind AS

KNAV boasts of a rich experience in providing financial reporting valuation services for compliance with US GAAP and IFRS requirements. And with more and more companies in India coming under Ind AS compliance net it looks forward to establishing a strong foothold in India as valuation services are required Read more

valuation for deals

Valuation for deals

A significant number of M&A deals fail because of the lack of the discipline in the process followed from the initial talks till the close of the deal. KNAV helps to simplify this complicated process for you. Some of the services provided by us Read more

valuation for regulatory purposes

Valuation for regulatory purposes

Non-compliance with regulatory requirements is an unwanted as well as a costly affair for your organization. KNAV provides valuation services for compliance with tax laws; international as well as Indian tax laws. With increasing valuation requirements entailed by the new provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, the scope of this area of practice is ever increasing. Read more

accounting advisory

Case studies

Accounting for equity-based compensation presents various challenges specific to each company, its capital structure and its option types. Read more