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transaction support

Transaction support

Do your auditors dig deep into your business processes and operations to unearth inconsistencies that can halt the progress of your company? Do they understand that gauging the true value of your business is critical in meeting regulatory & accounting treatments and for corporate transactions?
We undertake business due diligence covering financial, tax, IT, compliance, HR and operations on behalf of a buyer, seller or a private equity firm and also measure, analyse and report on your assets accurately, while enhancing the ease of doing business.
Due diligence
We offer the following due diligence services:
  • Looking at revenue streams, business assets and liabilities that are being inherited in detail and adding value objectively to the business after considering the company’s history, business dynamics and economic condition;
  • Examining the projections in the context of the industry growth, underlying assumptions, financial stability, existing resources, financing requirements, economic credibility and strategic fit;
  • Checking the accounting policies, tax structures, HR processes and policies, compliance culture of the organization;
  • Identifying and reviewing potential external factors beyond company’s control that might impact and affect the organization; &
  • Covering the entire due diligence as a pre-acquisition review, detailed diligence and post-acquisition support by reviewing integrated internal & governance controls.
We support your asset assessment with:
  • Purchase price allocations;
  • Asset/investment valuations including impairment;
  • Hedge effectiveness;
  • Tax valuations, planning & structuring; &
  • Financial reporting valuation.