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KNAV has always been a value-driven organization. Our values serve as a roadmap, providing a common platform that all team members share and respect.


Our firm is unique and as we grow we want to preserve and build on the strengths of our diverse work culture and the characteristics that make us successful, different and a great place to work.


Our inclusive, diverse and dynamic culture is defined by our three core values:


Integrity: We conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency. We value compliance with all of the laws, rules, regulations and corporate policies that apply to our business and we expect the same unflinching commitment from our employees, consultants, business partners, service providers and everyone associated with us.


Respect: We respect and value everyone that we work with and the contribution that they make.


Excellence: At KNAV, it is our constant endeavour to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-­to-­day work and in the quality of the services we provide.


These core values continue to direct the growth and business of KNAV and all member firms.

Equal opportunity


KNAV respects and values diversity amongst team members; for us, diversity and inclusiveness are two sides of the same coin.


HRM activities such as hiring, performance appraisals, compensation & benefits of employees, etc. are conducted without regard to race, national origin, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or caste. We also have an active internal jobs market (Employee referral program) and offer our vacancies to colleagues before we look to the external market.


At KNAV, it is our endeavour to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent; provide support systems for groups with diverse backgrounds and train all team members so that we continue to hone our skills and achieve sustainable growth.



Flexible work options are available to assist employees in balancing their responsibilities to work, family, education, and other personal needs.


At KNAV, flexibility does not always mean working less but rather making adjustments to when, where and how you work. KNAV gives you the flexibility to manage your work hours, so you can meet the needs of your personal life.


It is our endeavour to further build upon our existing culture of flexibility, a conducive work environment that is not only important to our employees but also makes good business sense.



KNAV offers personal health benefits such as a medical cover and personal accident cover and also allows dependants under your coverage for greater security. We try to be as flexible as possible, so you get what is most appropriate for your personal needs.



KNAV has a performance-­based culture that talented people find endearing. Our culture fosters teamwork, customer centricity and continuous learning and development.


At KNAV, the foundation of our core values acts as a beacon to guide our thoughts and actions. Employees share a sense of belonging and work in an environment that values intelligence and creativity.


At KNAV, you will find yourself working with some of the brightest and the best, in a firm that has complete trust in you and your capabilities.

Compensation & benefits


Our compensation & benefits philosophy is to attract, train, retain and motivate all employees through competitive total compensation programs.


Some of our benefits include: maternity/paternity leave, own­ your ­laptop option, optional public holidays, thirty paid leaves, performance bonus, healthcare, employee­ welfare workshops, the flexibility to work ­from­ home and other statutory benefits like EPF, Gratuity, etc. We also have many fun events such as cricket tournaments, themed office days, ‘Fun­Fridays’ and off­sites.



At KNAV, we go beyond competitive remuneration and comprehensive employee benefits ­ we recognize potential, nurture talent and reward high performance.


Our culture of appreciation will see you recognized for your talents and rewarded for the efforts and perspective you bring to your team and clients.


We have several awards and recognition programs and you can look forward to plenty of challenges and opportunities, and the chance to develop both professionally and personally.

Global exposure


At KNAV we provide you with the opportunity to work in multiple geographies.


KNAV is hiring professionals with a range of competencies, across service lines.


At KNAV, our selection criteria will include:


  • Academic performance;
  • Prior, relevant experience; &
  • Organizational fit.


We will also consider your interest in KNAV at both the application and interview stage; additionally, your awareness of the industries we work within would also be evaluated.


If you would like to explore career opportunities at KNAV and would like to be a part of our dynamic team, please e-mail your résumé to


Service areas


  • Assurance services;
  • Tax & regulatory services;
  • Business advisory services; &
  • Risk advisory services.